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Mohamed Numan

Mohamed Numan

Mohamed Numan

Employee Of The Month

Mohamed Numan

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I have always been very keen on working in the travel industry. When the opportunity arose, I was delighted to join and become part of a growing team.

As a young and ambitious individual, I am very committed to setting myself goals and working very hard to achieving them. Before going in to work I studied Business and IT at Kingston University. I was able to incorporate the skills that I obtained from the course into my day to day work at IKB Travel.

My hobbies and interests include regularly attending the gym and travelling. I find it important to keep good health and remain in great shape. Travelling has always been a great passion of mine there are so many places which I plan to visit and explore. Working in a travel agency is ideal for such aspirations.

"My view is that we should do things now that our future selves will look back and be proud of".