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Lucian Barboi

Lucian Barboi

Lucian Barboi

Employee Of The Month

Lucian Barboi
IT & System Administrator

Tel: 0207 725 2276

Not so passionate about traveling somehow my career revolved around the travel industry. My first job in Romania was as an IT Administrator for Phoenicia Grand Hotel. There I learned my first set of skills, learned my first words in Arabic, worked hard, delivered and got promoted as an It Manager. I then decided to move on to a more specialized job so I got hired at one on the major IT Outsourcing suppliers in Bucharest. Had a nice run for 7 and a half years, going all the way from Junior Administrator to IT Manager.

Then I decided to move to the UK, got on a plane and started looking for a job. This is how I got here at IKB Travel & Tours as you IT Support colleague.

Never thought of making a career in the IT Industry, as you may not guess, IT is not even one of my major hobbies. Another thing that may that very few people know about me, I studied piano for 8 years at the School of arts. Unfortunately I don't have time to practice this hobby, but whenever I find some time I hit the notes. My favourite courses were maths, physics, geography and history so after I finished maths-informatics at college I went on to study Electronics in the University.

I really enjoy sports, music and my favourite : riding my bikes.