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World Travel Market 2011

IKB at the World Travel Market 2011

In 2011 IKB Travel hosted the Iraq stand at the World Travel Trade Market 2011 in partnership with the Iraq National Stand and it was a great success. It was the first time that Iraq as a country has been hosted at WTM and it opened a new window into Iraq tourism particularly Religious and Archeogical. Many people attended the event most notably Abir Burhan (Operations Manager IKB Travel), Saad Al-Khafaji (General Manger IKB Travel), The Iraqi Ambassador to the UK and the Minister of Tourism for Iraq who paid a special visit to the UK specially for the event. We would also like to give thanks to Geoff Han from Hinterland Travel for showing his support.

Many people showed their interest in this new horizon for travel by visiting our stand and making potential partnerships to embark on in the future. Iraq Tourism is a virgin travel market which has been closed off from the world the last 25 years, Iraq has many archaeological sites most notably Babylon and the River Tigress, also in the centre of Iraq there are marshes and swamp and in southern Iraq you will find beaches as well as many historic buildings.To the north of Iraq there is the Kurdish region which has been peaceful and a destination for many in the area to visit for breaks, with amazing scenery and sweeping mountain ranges. Two such cities in this area are Erbil and Sulaimaniya which are both highly developing cities with great vibrant culture.

IKB Travel hopes to work in partnership with various Iraqi tourist agencies to re-enlighten the Iraq sector. Next year we will be hosting our WTM stand and hope you can join us.

By hosting the event at WTM we hope that we can show a different side to Iraq other than that which is portrayed in the media, Iraq is a beautiful country which we believe has great potential and our dedicated staff at IKB Travel can offer anyone who wishes to travel to Iraq the most competitive prices on flights to Iraq, adding to the fact that IKB Travel is a specialist in this area.

IKB Travel at WTM World Travel Market 2011

Abir Burhan (centre), Saad Al-Khafaji (right), Iraqi Ambassador (left).

IKB Travel at WTM World Travel Market 2011

Geoff Hann - Hinterland Travel (centre), Saad Al-Khafaji (left), Abir Burhan (left).

IKB Travel at WTM World Travel Market 2011

IKB Travel Stand

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