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Eid Festival Brent Town Hall

IKB Travel at the Brent Eid Festival

IKB Travel teamed up with Brent Council and counsellor Emad Al-Ebadi to celebrate Eid. IKB Travel hosted a stand in Brent Town Hall on Saturday 12 November where we ran a competition for a free flight to the Middle East. We had a successful 400 applicants and will be annoucning the winner next week, we also gave away a £50 voucher which can be used for any booking at IKB Travel live on stage during the day.

We hope to work alongside Brent Town Hall in the future to further help the community, encouraging youths to take up jobs within the travel sector. Our main aim was to show unity within the community as 50% of IKB Travel staff currently reside in the borough of Brent.

IKB Travel at Brent Eid Festival

Competition Desk hosted by IKB Travel at Brent Town Hall

IKB Travel at Brent Eid Festiva

IKB Travel staff member Ryan Jones (centre) with assistants

IKB Travel at Brent Eid Festival

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