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Iraqi Airways

London to Erbil £375

  • Baggage Allowance 30kg
  • Direct flight from London Gatwick in 5.30 hours!

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Once a military base, Erbil International Airport is now a modern, convenient airport offering service to London and other major cities from several airlines. This airport is located in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq and serves the needs of individuals and business people who need to fly to Kurdistan. IKB Travel & Tours is your source for the cheapest flights to Erbil and other flights to Kurdistan, whether you are flying to Sulaymaniyah Airport or Erbil.


Kurdistan enjoys a peaceful environment for business growth and development, as well as a rich history. If you want to experience the beauty and history of Kurdistan, book your flight to Kurdistan at IKB Travel. This region has a rich heritage that originated in the 12th century and has long been a locally controlled entity that was autonomous from Iraq, prior to the recent history. Kurdistan includes areas of countries that are now Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

The growth of commerce, combined with historic and cultural attractions, make this a great place for vacation and business. In recent years, the Kurdistan Autonomous Region has become increasingly popular for business travel and we help meet the travel needs of many businesses with cheap flights to Erbil from London. You can find the best deals for your business or holiday travel needs on flights from London to Erbil on our website.

If you are looking for flight deals from London to Erbil for business, allow some time in your schedule to enjoy the many wonderful attractions in this culturally diverse and historically significant city. Spend some time shopping, exploring universities and other attractions or enjoy a meal in one of the many cafes and restaurants located throughout the city.

Browse our website to find cheap flights to Erbil from London from Kurdistan airlines, such as Lufthansa, Aer Olympic, Viking Airlines, Australia Airlines, Royal Jordanian, in addition to cheap flights to Erbil and flights to Sulaymaniyah for charter flights. Compare flights to Erbil to find the best cheap flights to Erbil for your travel needs. Using our online reservation system, you can book your flights to Erbil from the convenience of your home or office computer.


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